God Speaks To Us Through Our Silent Moments

Peace is present more often than we realize. We need to take that moment or two to sit and listen. The moments in which we silence our minds, hearts, and bodies is when we finally hear the sudden calmness. It’s the silence within us that we overlook so often because of our crazy hectic lives. It’s amazing what you can hear when you just take a moment and tune everything else out. A calming peace and quietness settles in. The peaceful moments allow God to steer me to the conversation with Him. He’s always there waiting but it’s the little moments where I finally stop and allow myself to hear what He’s saying to me; that’s when peace begins to settle into me. The quietness of hearing what God has so generously given to us. The quiet peace, birds chirping, dogs barking, the subtle wind; sounds we often overlook because of the daily hustle and bustle of life. In the quiet moments I can hear God whispering to me bringing with it a certain peace. It’s in these moments that I allow myself to clear my mind of all worries, fears, anxieties and simply feel God’s presence. These are the moments that connect me with God’s message of simpleness and less is more. He has provided such wonderful joys in life but we are often in such a rush that we fail to see the beauty and hear His voice talking to us. With the silence, peace finds us because we are quiet and listening without interruption to what God is saying. These are the moments that we feel closer to our Heavenly Father. It’s amazing how listening to the pure silence allows us to hear God talking to us and the many gifts He has given to us to enjoy on Earth. This isn’t our home, we are merely visitors but while we are visiting it’s great to feel God’s presence and hear His voice while we are on our journey home.


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