Turning To God During Stressful Times

So many things can enter the mind, funny things, happy times, hurtful moments or fears that tend to linger around. I often find my active imagination jumping in and causing havoc, in other words it’s the work of the devil. Have you ever found yourself thinking: what if ____ happens, or if only I could stop ____from happening? I think everyone has at one point or another. Did all the worry, stress and anxiety change the circumstances? I can safely say no it did not. The only One in control is God. We don’t have the ability to control certain aspects of life but the devil likes us to think we do. I once read a quote, “Take control of your thought life. If you don’t learn to control your though life the devil will control you through it”. Those words are so true and quite powerful! If we don’t monitor, limit, or stop the poison that the devil plants into our minds we find ourselves in unhealthy circumstances. How often do we feel warn down, anxious, depressed, angry, exhausted? All too often it’s the crafty work of the devil trying to manipulate us and rob us of peace. He loves to control us through our thoughts. If we worry more or feel more anxious and stressed then the happier he feels. After all he’s accomplishing what he has set out to do, tear us away from the peace that God so badly wants us to experience.

I often find myself thinking two steps ahead of where I actually am instead of living in the present. That’s the work of the devil he wants to stir up fear, anxiety, worry and anger. The more unsettled we feel the more joy he gets from succeeding in his plans. In the peaceful moments or the moments we consciously try to regain peace is when God can finally win the battle. It’s not always easy because life gets in the way with everyday experiences. We have work on our minds, the kids, a million things we need to get done before tomorrow, home repairs, financial burdens, unexpected expenses this month, the health of loved ones or heck our own health, among a million other stresses we deal with on a daily basis. When do we have the time to decompress and let go so God can take over? Sometimes we are so busy, in fact too busy to take a few minutes out of our day to connect with God and His Word. We think that we can handle the million stresses and problems on our own. In fact we think that if we dwell on or overanalyze situations or problems that we can stop the bad from happening. Unfortunately we can’t stop the bad from happening by worrying and stressing over every little thing, so why do we continue to do it? We are afraid that God won’t give us the answers or results that we want to hear. We try to play god and make things happen when and how we want them to happen for us. It’s something that most of us struggle with and the only true solution is to learn to let go and trust God. If we allow Him to, He can fight the battles for us. But for some of us who are control freaks, we feel that we need to control the situation by worrying or stressing ourselves out. We have a harder time letting go and trusting that God has it all under control. Will He give us the answers we want? Not always but we have to trust that He is giving us what we need even if we don’t know it at the moment. We need to give ourselves a time out when we are overwhelmed. Once we refocus on what really matters and who really matters, God, then we can regain some peace that we have lost somewhere along the way. The peace that we long for but tend to lose when we allow the devil to creep into our minds.

We can’t travel this journey alone and God doesn’t expect us to but we do need to rely on Him. He has the ultimate plan for us. No amount of stress, worry, anxiety, or fretting will change what His plans are for us so we need to make a conscious effort to stop, breathe and reflect on His Word. The devil may seem like he’s winning right now but ultimately he doesn’t stand a chance. God and His plans will prevail, we just have to have faith!


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