Perfection In Being Imperfect

We try so hard to be perfect. Perfect for ourselves, our families, our jobs, our community but there is no such thing. No one and no thing is perfect except God. We strive to have the perfect family in the perfect house and living our perfect dream but in reality we are living an imperfect life.

We have struggles, fears, worries, stresses, anxieties we are living in the real world.We strive for perfection and then when we come up short we are disappointed and angry because we can’t achieve perfection. We need to stop for a minute and realize that we need to be striving to be the best possible persons we can be and stop striving for perfection. Our focus should be on living our lives the best we can and appreciating the imperfections in ourselves, our families, our jobs and our communities. We need to find peace in that, the only one that is perfect, is God and in His eyes we are perfect because He has created us. We would be a much happier society if we weren’t striving to be perfect or trying to make everything around us perfect. There is no such thing as perfection and we waste our precious time achieving the impossible. If we quit comparing ourselves to everyone around us while at the same time comparing ourselves to what we think we should be and begin to accept ourselves for who we actually are we would feel we much happier and more content.

We need to perfect our imperfections and be accepting of our flaws and all. Once we realize that we aren’t perfect and that it’s okay to not be perfect then we will be less judging and critical and perhaps stop living such miserable lives. We are all guilty of striving for perfection and judging others for their imperfections, but is that what God has taught us? No, He wants us to love ourselves and others the way that He loves us, which is unconditionally.

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