The Chaotic World Made Simple…Thanks To A 2 Year Old Child

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind both personally and on the broader spectrum. It’s been a couple of weeks that have been filled with frustration, angst, lack of control, uncertainty, disappointment, with pops of joy, happiness and much love. I’m blessed to have been able to spend some quality time with my nephew who I absolutely love and adore. He is the epitome of all that’s good in the world. He is so sweet, innocent and free from all the garbage that is going on in the world today. There are perks to be only 2 years old.

It’s a wake up call to spend time with a 2 year old. Life is so simplistic and easy and we all could a gain some perspective on life. Life can be much easier without stress, fear, anger or  frustrations.

A child is a true blessing and gift from God. They bring perspective to the chaotic world we live in. Yes they are a lot of work but the amount of love that they possess is incredible. So in the time of pure chaos, uncertainty, angst and frustration spending time with a         care-free child is a blessing. God has a way of speaking to us in ways that we may not expect but He was clearly talking to me. Living in the moment without worrying about what will happen in 5 seconds is very refreshing and freeing.

I choose to appreciate the time of watching Curious George for the hundredth time in 10 days because the joy that was on my nephew’s face is priceless. As long as he has people that love him around him, food to nimble on, juice to drink, some toys to play with and of course Curious George to watch- then all is good in the world. He has taught me that life can be simple and doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming.

I never expected God to use my 2 year old nephew to speak to me but then again God can use anyone or anything to communicate with us. We just have to be open and willing to hear His message at any moment in time.

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