A Small Scaled Reminder With A Big Message

It’s nice to get a reminder from God every once in a while about who is in charge; it’s certainly not me. I try to find solutions to problems on my own, thinking that I can figure it out. Yet, God reminds me in subtle ways that I don’t have the answers. I can spend endless hours trying to figure out a solution to my problems but I don’t ever find the solutions. That is until I wake up and realize that I should be asking God for His help instead of trying to fix problems on my own.

That became very apparent to me recently when I had spent several weeks trying to resolve a computer problem that my mom was having. I know it seems like a silly problem but she uses the computer daily and needed it to be working like it was prior to when it suddenly stopped working properly. I had tried every possible solution. I tried every tip that I could find on the Microsoft website, Hewlett Packard, Google and YouTube. I was blue in the face but still could not find a solution to the pesky problem. What took me weeks to figure out, it took God only a couple hours to direct me to the solution and then resolve the problem. Foolish me for attempting to fix a problem that God had the solution to all along.

I woke up this morning and decided that I hadn’t tried everything. I realized that trying to solve this problem on my own is not going to work. I needed to turn the problem over to God and ask Him to please guide me to finding the solution because clearly I can’t figure it out on my own. Within a couple hours of asking God for His help, I not only found the solution to the problem but applied the solution to the problem and had her computer working like it did before it stopped working properly.

I firmly believe that I never would have found the solution if I hadn’t asked God for His help. I really believe that once I sought His help he provided me the path to my solution. He was waiting for me to ask Him. He was waiting for me to reach out to Him. I truly felt God wanted to help me from the beginning but He was allowing me the time to figure out that I needed His help and guidance before He intervened.

It’s a nice reminder that God is always ready, willing and able to help us but He’s waiting for us to reach out to Him. He may not always answer the call for help in the way we expect or when we expect it but He will answer us; all we need to do is ask Him. When I asked Him for His help, I had no idea that He would provide the solution so quickly. All I knew is that I was trusting Him to help provide me a path to the solution. I didn’t put a time restraint on when the problem needed to be resolved. I simply just asked God to please help guide me to the solution. I still needed to do the work to find the solution but I was being guided by God to find it. It’s a good lesson for me on a small scale.

Do I believe I would have eventually found the solution? No, I don’t because I was so frustrated that I had tried every solution and nothing was working. I was making zero progress and I felt horrible that I could not resolve the problem for my mom. I was determined to find a solution but did not know where to turn for the solution. I should have went to God a while ago. Then again maybe I would not have appreciated His help as much as I do now. I may not have given Him as much credit as I am now. I may not have realized that trusting God with my problems, challenges, thoughts, fears, dreams by relinquishing all control to Him I am allowing Him to take the reigns so that He can guide me and speak to me. When I throw my hands up into the air and say “God help me”. I know that He will be right there helping me.

I am not only extremely grateful that the problem is resolved but I’m also grateful for the little reminder that God provided.

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