Finding Comfort While Experiencing Trials

I have started a couple of posts and then decided that they just weren’t speaking to me. I just didn’t feel drawn to posting them just yet. I feel as though God is pulling me in a different direction so I decided to switch up my ideas and attempt to follow God’s nudge.

So often in life we feel as though certain minor things are so important yet when up against more serious and complex situations they seem silly and even trivial. We realize that to even give a second thought to the petty things seems ridiculous. All that is needed is a little perspective.

Life is short and yet we don’t take the time to really enjoy the moments in front of us. We take for granted the people, the experiences, the moments we are living in for one reason or another. It takes certain situations to arise in our lives to realize what is truly important. What we later deem as just minor incidents in hind sight; we seem to blow up in our minds creating situations and drama out of something that should not have been a situation to begin with.

We all struggle with what our priorities are and what they should be, it’s just a way of life. However, God has a way of helping us reprioritize even if we don’t agree with how He necessarily goes about it. He will intervene and help direct us to what is really important and what we should just release.

God uses our trials so that we can learn to count our blessings again instead of the shortcomings, to help us to remember to cherish the moments in front of us instead of counting the many things we haven’t yet accomplished, to help us to become more patient instead of hurrying to get to the next stage of our life. God knows what we need before we know we need it.

Trials can be destructive if we allow them to be, however with God’s love and guidance He can use those trials to renew us. Life can be overwhelming and we tend to get swept up in the drama of people, events, and situations. God can calm us, heal us, protect us, inspire us, strengthen us and guide us. In difficult times when it’s so easy to give up and lose courage, we need to look to God. It’s not always easy to reach out to Him when we don’t understand the why’s but if we trust Him, He will make everything okay.

The trials we are currently facing today may seem like monumental, life altering, terrifying trials at the moment but with God’s grace, faithfulness, love and comfort may all of these trials become ancient history in a few months or a few years. No matter what one is struggling through right now; it’s important to remember that this too shall pass. The fear, hurt, anger, resentment, frustration and doubt will eventually be turned into confidence, courage, hope, joy and peace. You are not alone! We are battling right now but we will be healed and everything will be okay. Keep the faith…..

(As a side note: As I wrote this entry a few songs that are pertinent to this entry were played and I wanted to share the titles of them as well as the artists that perform them. They are “The Reason for the World” and “Strong Enough” by Matthew West as well as  the song “He Will Not Let Go” by Laura Story. When each of them played I couldn’t help but think that the timing of them was perfect. The songs each have messages that really coincides with this blog entry. I know it’s not a coincidence that these particular songs were played. I know that it was God confirming to me that this was the topic that I needed to write about. I would highly recommend each of the songs to anyone that is struggling with trials.

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