I’ve been struggling lately with which path I am meant to travel on. I feel like I am at a stand still unsure of what I’m supposed to be doing, which direction I’m supposed to be moving in and where I’m supposed to end up.

The element of surprise is a bit unnerving since I don’t know what the change entails and when it will show up on my doorstep. I know that better things lie ahead however I’m not sure what they are and how I’m supposed to attain them. I feel great uncertainty and am patiently waiting to feel that tug from God to lead me in the right direction.

I deeply believe that when God says it’s time, it’s time. I know it won’t happen until God says that I am ready for the blessings. His timing is always perfect, He’s never early and He’s never late. So what He’s preparing me for will be happening exactly on His planned timeline. The blessings arrive when God appoints them to, as well as He opens  doors to allow those blessings into our lives; that no man can close so it’s safe to say that those blessings are meant specifically for each of us.

It’s funny that it wasn’t until recently that I have finally reached the point where I am just about to cross the threshold into the next chapter in my life. What that chapter holds, I have the foggiest clue but I’m praying that all the pieces fall into place.

Often times when we reach the point of uncertainty in our lives and we stand at a crossroads, we are just on the brink of making great strides in growth and achievement. I feel a change coming, just unsure of what it is. It would be nice if it is a change that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. I just feel that things are going to begin to change and once they do, they will do so rapidly. I’m at the brink of life changing moments and there is a certain element of excitement that my patience is about to pay off.

For the first time, instead of hoping and wishing that my dreams would come true; I feel that God is my answering prayers.

I feel each step I take, no matter how small, is one step closer to accomplishing what God wants me to accomplish. I ask God to please guide my steps in the direction that leads me to the calling He has placed in my heart. He has placed certain aspirations in my heart but it’s never been clear to me how I’m supposed to achieve those aspirations and make them a reality. Quieting my mind and listening for His guidance; I feel as though I am hearing God speak to me.

I am starting to see small pieces fall into play. I feel that God is providing puzzle pieces for me to help remind me to keep the big picture in mind. Little pieces sent from God helps to calm me without getting caught up in the present where doubt, confusion and fear could build into worry about what is unfolding. I feel that He is providing me little messages telling me everything will be okay as long as I follow His guidance.

Here I stand, still unsure of which path to choose but confident that God will guide me. I’m thrilled and excited to see what lies ahead. Trusting in God that He will lead me to the path where my destiny is waiting for me to arrive.

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