The Path That Leads To Success Or The Path That Leads To Failure: Which One Will You Choose?

Ok, so the chaos in the world today is enough to drive anyone a bit crazy. The uncertainty around every corner, the problems thrown in our path and best of all the unexpected surprises that knock us on our butts. There are so many obstacles that can put a dent in our plans but it’s how we handle those obstacles that either help us to succeed or leads us to failure.

It seems like everywhere I look today there is some form of chaos that takes on a life of it’s own. So many are just trying to stay afloat while others are basking in the glory of hurting others. Is it fair? Is it moral? How do we succeed in the midst of all the negativity and obstacles?

It’s a test of faith to be able to withstand adversity and come out on the other side successfully. Does that mean everything will work out the way we want them to and when we want them to? Most likely not, but if we can arrive on the other side with our faith intact then we can consider that a success. However if we choose to play the victim while facing the many challenges then we are setting our selves up for failure. We can’t take on the mentality that “woe is me, bad things always happen to me, I’m entitled to good things but they don’t seem to ever happen for me.” That attitude will only set us up for failure.

We can’t succeed if we’re dwelling on our sorrows, set backs, problems. We aren’t bettering ourselves or growing our faith in God. The choice we should make is to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and stand in conviction with our faith. God will help those who help themselves. That doesn’t mean He will grant our every wish. He’s not a genie, He is the all powerful and Sovereign God.

He will get us through our trials, our problems, our obstacles, our adversities but we must trust in Him. He wants us to stand strong and trust that He will right the wrongs for us. The only way to ultimately succeed is to choose our faith in God and let Him work out the wars we’re battling. We must remember that we may lose a battle but ultimately God will win the war for us.

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