Listening for God’s Message

It’s so interesting to me how people say they “hear” God talking to them. I always wanted to have that deep connection with Him. I wanted to be able to hear Him talk to me. When I was feeling doubt and confusion all I wanted was to get confirmation from God but never really understood how to go about it.

I thought I had an open heart and mind. I felt I was always ready and willing to hear Him speak to me. It wasn’t until I really felt His presence and heard His voice for myself did I understand how amazing it is to have that connection with Him.

I was able to see changes in myself where I would pause and see the beauty in His creations. That was the beginning of the communication with Him. It grew into feeling peaceful moments in my chaotic day. When a sudden calmness and peacefulness just came over me and I knew it was God telling me to stop and take a breath. Everything was going to be okay. I would open the Bible and read chapters until I found a verse that resonated with a certain situation that I was dealing with at the moment. It was an opportunity to invite God into the moment. I found peace in the words as I knew that God was guiding me to those words to provide His peace and comfort. Those actions grew into when I pray to Him. I pause and allow Him to speak to me instead of rambling on and on. I began thanking Him daily for my blessings instead of just praying for help. When I made those adjustments I found that He was able to communicate with me.

Some may ask, so how do you know it was God speaking to you and not just your mind coming up with ideas? Simple, the messages were messages that calmed me, inspired me, gave me confidence, and were words that provided positivity to situations that were anything but positive. I felt peace in my heart and His words stayed with me. So when anxious thoughts and worries enter my mind I play His words over in my mind and it reminds me who is in charge and that good will always prevail. His reassuring grace and confidence gives me the peace that He’s in control and everything will work out for the good of His people. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy nor does it mean that rough times won’t be around for awhile but that in the end everything is going to be what is best.

Do I feel that I have the best listening skills? No, I’m human and I fail to hear His message probably a lot more often than I’m even aware of, but I can say that I’m getting better at listening for His words. It’s a skill that is learned and needs practicing. It has been a rather lengthy process for me to get to the point where I am today. It didn’t happen overnight but that makes the moments now that more special and satisfying. If it was an easy, quick process I know I wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I do now. Anyone can hear something but not everyone listens and that’s the key. When I finally opened my ears to what God is saying, I was finally able to hear Him speak to me.


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