Setbacks Are Really Setups

I’ve been in the process of trying a new venture in my life hoping that this new path may provide a future for me. I’m trying to establish a foundation that I can stand firmly on. Things in life aren’t easy and definitely not always fair. But it’s those times that either make us or break us.

What normally would be seen as setbacks are really God’s way of testing us to see how prepared and ready we are for what He is setting up for us.

Often we get so anxious and impatient while we are in the setback portion of our lives that we fail to see that we in fact are being prepared for a gift. Setbacks can be frustrating and we can find ourselves doubting ourselves, our abilities and our faith. That’s not the reason for setbacks but as humans we can get so consumed in dealing with the setbacks that we don’t realize that we aren’t being hindered, harmed, or even set back.

We can’t see the larger picture because we don’t know God’s plan for us. This can lead us to feel doubtful, disappointed, frustrated and irritated. This doesn’t make the setback any easier to overcome when we’re feeling such negative feelings. When we view our setbacks as setups we tend to use the opportunity to grow more patient, grow our confidence in that God is preparing us for something better. We become more optimistic and we tend to put our problem-solving skills to the test and have an opportunity to see how creative we can be in overcoming the setback.

As I’m standing in front of this new path, which I know won’t be easy especially when I was hoping for a little more encouraging results right away. This becomes a test of my will to succeed and my ability to adapt to what is in front of me and my desire for this particular path. I can choose to become discouraged about a slow start or I can choose to knuckle down and use my creative side to see how I can boost the momentum in the right direction. I’m trusting God that He has guided me to this path for a reason and now it’s up to me to either accept this current path which could lead to wonderful success or get discouraged and walk away. I’ll never know how this setback can turn into a setup if I give up now.


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