Too Busy For God?

Have you ever felt unsettled and restless but just couldn’t put your finger on it? Have you ever felt completely overwelmed by circumstances? Have you ever felt like there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything that needs to be done? Have you felt like you’re going through the motions and some how you’re just not present?

I have been struggling with being so overwhelmed with all that is on my plate and I can’t seem to find that quality time I’m looking for. We all struggle at times with how to be super man or woman. We have the best of intentions but we seem to fall short of succeeding at juggling all the balls we have up in the air.

I couldn’t shake the uneasiness that I was feeling on a daily basis. Then when I awoke the other morning I realized why I was feeling such anxiety, my relationship with God had some how taken the back seat. Sure I pray every day however it happens to be the abbreviated version because I’m tired and have a million of things I’m trying to finish while trying to not let my relationships suffer. So how am I doing? Frankly, I’m failing.

We do get busy and we do have new obligations that are put on us daily but how we handle them is what makes us a success. How can we be so busy that our realationship with God suffers? It’s a little ironic, here we are so busy but who has blessed us with our busy lives? The same One that we are too busy to take 10 minutes out of our busy day to talk to and have a relationship with.

We feel that distress and anxiety because we don’t have that relationship with God that He’s expecting to have with us. That uneasiness we feel is God’s very subtle reminder that He is still here waiting for us to return to Him. He is the almighty and is juggling millions of  other things at the same time and yet He’s never too busy for us. So why is it that we have a few dozen balls in the air and we are too busy for Him?

We are only human and we are definitely not as good at managing our time as God is with His time, but isn’t that really just an excuse? We tend to make time when we’re struggling and need something from God yet when things are going relatively well then we just can’t seem to get around to talking to Him.

During this season as we are approaching Easter, we should be aware now more than ever the sacrifices God has made for us. We should show our appreciation to Him by making 10 minutes to talk to Him and thank Him for all that He has sacrificed for us so that we can have what we have and what we will have one day in Heaven with Him. We would hate to have God say to us when we reach Heaven, “sorry, I’m too busy at the moment I’ll get to you when I have time”. That would be devastating so perhaps He feels the same way when we dismiss Him by putting our prayerful moments with Him on hold until we are less busy.

The uneasiness we feel is the way God communicates that things are not okay and that He needs more attention from us. He needs His children to give Him what He so unselfishly gives us on a daily basis. It’s not too much to ask nor is it something that we aren’t capable of doing. After all God would never ask us to do something that He hasn’t already given us the ability to do.


2 thoughts on “Too Busy For God?

  1. This is definitely something we have to look out for- complacency.
    I always said if someone say they don’t feel close to God I let them know it wasn’t because God moved.
    Great post and I seen your blog over at Jay’sblog.

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